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Family of Henry Pennant CORNWALL and Mary Josephine EYRE

Husband: Henry Pennant CORNWALL ( -aft1894)
Wife: Mary Josephine EYRE (1850-aft1894)
Children: Gilbert Eyre CORNWALL (1884-aft1918)
Marriage 24 Nov 1894 British Columbia, Canada

Husband: Henry Pennant CORNWALL

Name: Henry Pennant CORNWALL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death aft 24 Nov 1894

Wife: Mary Josephine EYRE

Name: Mary Josephine EYRE 1
Sex: Female
Father: William Armit EYRE (1823?-1855)
Mother: Maria Josephine BALLINGALL (1832-aft1891)
Birth 10 Feb 1850 Buttervant, Ireland 1
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 11) 2 Elm Brook Villas, North Road, Exeter, Devon, England
Death aft 24 Nov 1894 (age 44)

Additional Information

Census Scholar, living at her Ballingall grandparents

Child 1: Gilbert Eyre CORNWALL

Name: Gilbert Eyre CORNWALL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maud May NICHOLSON (1891-aft1918)
Birth 20 Sep 1884 Victoria, British Colombia, Canada 2
Death aft 27 Jul 1918 (age 33)

Note on Husband: Henry Pennant CORNWALL

Of British Columbia


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