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Family of Alphonso DE PORTAGO and Olga Beatrice LEIGHTON

Husband: Alphonso DE PORTAGO ( -1942)
Wife: Olga Beatrice LEIGHTON (1889-1980)
Children: Alphonso DE PORTAGO (1928-1957)
Solidad DE PORTAGO ( - )

Husband: Alphonso DE PORTAGO

Name: Alphonso DE PORTAGO
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1942

Wife: Olga Beatrice LEIGHTON

Name: Olga Beatrice LEIGHTON
Sex: Female
Father: Edward William Forester LEIGHTON (1840-1932)
Mother: Beatrice Jane EYRE (1862-1940)
Birth 28 Jul 1889 Fulham reg district 1,2
Census (1) 5 Apr 1891 (age 1) 4 Tyneside?Terrace, Fulham, London, England
Census (2) 31 Mar 1901 (age 11) Wynnstay Bank, Hornsey, Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Census (3) 2 Apr 1911 (age 21) Manor House, Halford, Shipton on Stour, Warwickshire, England
Emigration (1) 19 Jan 1920 (age 30) from Southampton to Miami, Florida, USA
Immigration 1 Jun 1920 (age 30) to Liverpool from New York, USA
Emigration (2) 15 Apr 1922 (age 32) from Southampton, England to New York, USA
Death 8 Feb 1980 (age 90) Lausanne, Switzerland 3

Additional Information

Census (2) Pupil
Census (3) Visitor staying at the Freake household, living on private means
Emigration (1) Departed from Southampton onboard the Mauretania on the 19th January 1920, destined for Miami Florida.
Travelling alone as far as can be identiied, aged 30 years 5 months and single.
Next of kin given as her father Capt F Leighton of 40 Brompton Square, London.
Immigration Arrived from New York onboard the Baltic on the 1st June 1920.
Travelling alone as far as can be identiied, aged 30 years.
Destinatio given as 40 Brompton Square, London.
Emigration (2) Sailed on the Mauretania departing from Southampton (15th April 1922) and arriving in New York (21st Apr 1922).
Address in USA given as Leamington Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Child 1: Alphonso DE PORTAGO

      Alphonso DE PORTAGO    
Name: Alphonso DE PORTAGO
Sex: Male
Spouse: Carol MCDANIEL ( - )
Birth 11 Oct 1928 Marylebone reg district 1,4
Occupation (1) 1950 (age 21-22) Grand National Jockey 5
Occupation (2) 1952 (age 23-24) Grand National Jockey 5
Occupation (3) 1956 (age 27-28) Olympic Competitor 6
Occupation (4) frm 1956 to 1957 (age 27-29) Formula 1 racing driver for Ferrari 7
Death 12 May 1957 (age 28) Giudizzolo, Itlay 3,4,8

Additional Information

Occupation (1) Rode Garde Toi in the 1950 Grand National
Occupation (3) Represented Spain in the 1956 Winter Olympics
4th in Men's Two
9th in Men's Four
Occupation (4) Competed in 6 Grand Prix races earning 4 championship points.
Placed 2nd in the 1956 British Grand Prix.
Placed 5th in the 1957 Argentinian Grand Prix
Competed and died in the 1957 Mille Miglia.

Child 2: Solidad DE PORTAGO

Name: Solidad DE PORTAGO
Sex: Female

Note on Wife: Olga Beatrice LEIGHTON

On the death of her first husband Frank she inherited a controlling interest in Household Financial Corporation which at the time of her son Alphonso's death in 1957 was worth $550,000,000


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8"". Died in an accident caused by a blown tyre during the Mille Miglia race. The race also killed his co driver Edmund Nelson and 10 spectators and injuring 20 others.