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Richard EYRE's parents: John EYRE (bap.1767) and Jane PUREFOY ( - )
Eleanor BALDWIN's father: Captain BALDWIN H.E.I.C.S. ( - )

Family of Richard EYRE and Eleanor BALDWIN

Husband: Richard EYRE (bap.1789)
Wife: Eleanor BALDWIN (bap.1798)
Children: Richard FitzRichard EYRE (bap.1820, d.aft1854)
Henry Baldwin EYRE (bap.1821)
Thomas Statford EYRE (bap.1822)
Falkiner EYRE (bap.1824)
Gerald Dillon EYRE (bap.1825)
Edmund EYRE (bap.1828)
Anne Grattan EYRE (1831?-aft1854)
Philip Nassau Homan EYRE (1832-1885)
Marriage 1820 1

Husband: Richard EYRE

Name: Richard EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: John EYRE (bap.1767)
Mother: Jane PUREFOY ( - )
Baptism 1789 Wood Niew, Co. Galway, Ireland 1

Wife: Eleanor BALDWIN

Name: Eleanor BALDWIN
Sex: Female
Father: Captain BALDWIN H.E.I.C.S. ( - )
Mother: -
Baptism 1798 1

Child 1: Richard FitzRichard EYRE

Name: Richard FitzRichard EYRE
Sex: Male
Baptism 1820 1
Occupation a soldier in 44th Regiment, he carried the colours of the 1
Death aft 20 Sep 1854 1

Additional Information

Death died of cholera shortly after the Battle of Alma

Child 2: Henry Baldwin EYRE

Name: Henry Baldwin EYRE
Sex: Male
Baptism 1821 1
Occupation 1840 Lieutenant in the 25th Regiment. 1

Child 3: Thomas Statford EYRE

Name: Thomas Statford EYRE
Sex: Male
Baptism 1822 1
Occupation 1840 with the West India Mail Service. He was the fifth officier 2

Child 4: Falkiner EYRE

Name: Falkiner EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Isabella Elizabeth QUIN ( - )
Baptism 1824 2

Child 5: Gerald Dillon EYRE

Name: Gerald Dillon EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Fannie Elizabeth THOMAS ( - )
Baptism 1825 2

Child 6: Edmund EYRE

Name: Edmund EYRE
Sex: Male
Baptism 1828 2

Child 7: Anne Grattan EYRE

Name: Anne Grattan EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward H FAIRTLOUGH (1830-aft1854)
Baptism 1830 (age -2--1 (!)) 2
Birth 1831 (app)
Death aft 26 Oct 1854 (age 22-23)

Child 8: Philip Nassau Homan EYRE

Name: Philip Nassau Homan EYRE 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lucy Catherine Louisa CLARK (1841?-1917)
Birth 15 Aug 1832
Baptism aft 15 Aug 1832 (age 0) 1
Title Col. 1
Occupation enlisted in the 38th Regiment, received his commission in that 1
Census 30 Mar 1851 (age 18) Chester Castle Barracks, Cheshire, England
Death 10 Feb 1885 (age 52) Kirbekan, Soudan 1
Probate 15 Oct 1885 (age 53) Prinicipal Registry

Additional Information

Census Private in the 38th Regiment
Death died at the Battle of Kirkbekan
Probate Administration (with the Will) of the Personal Estate of Philip Homan Eyre late of 25 Clarence parade Southsea in the County of Southampton Lieutenant Colonel in Her MAjesty's Army who died 10 February 1885 at Kirkekan in the Soudan was granted at the Principal Registry to Lucy Catherine Luisa Eyre of 25 Clarence Parade Widow the Relict the Universal Legatee.
Personal Estate 258 17s 8d.
Resworn April 1886 432 7s 10d.i


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