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Edward (Ned) EYRE ( -1803)

Name: Edward (Ned) EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: Richard HEDGES (HEDGES-EYRE) ( -1780)
Mother: Helena HERBERT ( - )

Individual Events and Attributes

Death 1803

Individual Note

Died intestate and without issue.

Thanks to his cousin Dorothea Herberts decription Edward Eyre has been included in a number of books on british eccentrics.

She describes as follows:

Living in County Waterford with his 'daughters and heiresses' Miss Dapper and Miss Kitsey a couple of fine spotted labradors.

Travelling in a glass coach drawn by four horses and dressing in brightly coloured silks and satins with contrasting linings, satin shoes with jet buckles, a fan or a muff and a complexion owing much to a paint box and once attended the races in 1780's wearing a pink suit complete with diamonte buttons and buckles.

Never coming downstairs before noon and living on a diet of tea, cold water, sweetmeats and pickles. Despite this strange diet she describes him as having enough energy to get through an immense fortune and was in debt most of his life despite owning a large part of Galway.

His unconventional nature was not restricted to his diet and dress as while staying in Galway he would invite 'all the beggars of Galway' to hot toast, tea and chocolate every morning.

She also relates an incident where he took exception to a neighbours nurse constant cooing over her family's new child by dressing one of his servants up as an infant and dandling him upon his knee infront of the nurse.