Daniel Eyre History

Daniel Eyre Background Pedigree

Daniel Eyre sailed to Australia aboard the magnificent auxiliary steamship "Royal Charter". The "Royal Charter" Queen of the Australian run passenger ships, was built of iron in 1855, at Sandycroft, near Liverpool, for the Gibbs Bright & Co., of 2719 tons burden, fully rigged as a sailing ship and fitted with auxiliary horizontal engines of 200 hp nom; actuating a two bladed propeller.

She spread 15,000 yards of canvas. Her mainmast from the deck was 222.5 feet and her mainyard was 101 feet. Daniel arrived on the 19th December, 1856 having left Liverpool on the 2nd October 1856, this was the second voyage of the "Royal Charter" carrying 559 persons the ship was in the charge of Master F Boyce.

The Royal Charter
Painting of the Royal Charter

Daniel was listed on the passenger list as a single person, 39 years of age, occupation was given as servant, arrived as an unassisted passenger. Daniel came to Australia to make a new start, having lost his first wife and two children in Manchester, England.

Daniel married Catherine Coulter at Emerald, Victoria which is now South Melbourne, on the 28th August, 1857. Catherine had arrived at the Port of Geelong, Victoria 11th August, 1854 on the sailing ship "Bride of the Sea" having left Liverpool on the 26th May, 1854. Catherine was listed as "housemaid" from Fifeshire, Scotland, aged 18 years, could read and write, to be employed by Mr. G Gouly of James Street Geelong for sum of twenty pounds for unknown period. The passenger list showed an abundance of Celtic young girls, the youngest on this trip was 14 years of age, as assisted passengers they were indentured to the sponsor for a set period of time.