Firsby branch of the Eyre Family


This branch is that of Bob Eyre (maintainer of this website) and covers other names such as Hutton, Sowden, Jagger, Mowthorpe and Rowlatt.

The branch is one of a few for Eyres of Lincolnshire and one of many that are yet to be connected to one of the main Eyre branches. Due to Benjamin Eyre's birthplace not being known 100% it starts with his arrival in Lincolnshire and in the 1820's. His claims to have been born in Lincolnshire in the 1841 census and Oldham, Lancashire in the 1851 census confuse matters. Whilst a Benjamin Eayers has been found in baptism records for Oldham Lancashire in 1799 there is insufficient evidence at this time to progress any further back on this line.

The Mowthorpes are the line which has progressed furthest back in this branch but a recent recap of my research has shown further work is needed on this line around the 1750 - 1820 period. Due to a combination of a lack of census records for this time and common names occuring in families there is some doubt in this area.

For example, whilst a record has been found for Joseph Mowthorpe's baptism 1821 in Bishop Burton to Ann Mowthorpe it is not known whether she is the Ann Moulthorp baptised in 1799 to John and Mary in the same place. Due to no father being given in Josephs record and his not appearing in a census with Ann I feel that there is too weak link between them to join them on this branch without more proof. One lead is that an Ann Mowthorpe married a William Ogram in Beverely in 1827.

On this same branch I am now unsure as to whether all of the children baptised to John Mowthorpe towards the end of the 1700's are all to the same father as there are a few marriages around this time and location involving a John Mowthorpe and there is a chance that a marriage and/or children may have been incorrectly recorded to a John snr when it should be his son. The lack of census family groups, lack of death records for many individuals and ages at marriages have not helped in this matter.

Any help on these problems would be much appreciated.





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