Padley branch of the Eyre Family


Robert Eyre bap.1392, the third son of Sir Nicholas Eyre and his wife Joana Barlow, at Hope Derbyshire. His brothers were, Nicholas Eyre the eldest who settled in Maltby, Yorkshire and William Eyre the second son who settled in North Lees, Derbyshire.

Robert Eyre married Joana de Padley. The Padley's it is thought were named Bernake, and took name Padley when they settled there. The coat of arms of Bernake and Padley are the same. Apparently Robert Eyre was not considered favourably by Joana's guardian and I have read two conflicting accounts.

1) The couple met secretly at Stony Middleton, a quite place in the Hope Valley, where later in their marriage Joana built a chapel to commemorate the safe return of Robert from the battle of Agincourt 1415. Unfortunately I believe that they were married around 1421.

2) That Robert with the help of some of his relations, carried Joana off by force to marry her.

A reason for not being welcome by the Padley's may have been as a result that Robert's father Sir Nicholas Eyre was under ban by the church for activities during battles that he was involved in. There is no mention what the activities were.

Despite all the legends they had 16 children and resulted in numerous branches.





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