Tree: Strays DBY Moorseats

Tree Name  Strays DBY Moorseats 
Description  The branch is one of many for Eyres of Derbyshire and one of many that are yet to be connected to one of the main Eyre branches of the county. The Eyre family in this branch start as tenants at North Lees Hall with Thomas Eyre buying Moorseats in 1855. In 1862 Thomas Eyre died leaving an estate valued at under £9,000 and the revalued to under £6,000 in 1865. I'm not sure at present what happened after this but some legal challenge seems to have taken place between his widow and his executor meaning that one of his executors was still being asked for death duties in 1900. The branch has strong ties to Charlotte Bronte's book Jane Eyre. 
Individuals  36 
Families  13 

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