Eyre Transcriptions Page Australia

Australian Marriages
Submitted by N R
NB. These entries are not a complete listing for any State, just what I have transcribed over the years. Prior to 1859 Queensland was still part of New South Wales so events that took place in Queensland prior to 1859 will be found under New South Wales.
Ada Eyre 1895 Andrew P. Cherry
Alfred John Eyre 1841 Robina Wilson
Alice Eyre 1892 William G. Morton
Alice Eyre 1891 Monty H. Smith
Ann. E. Eyre 1898 Archibald Freer
Charles Eyre 1894 Caroline Piodt
Charles Eyre 1889 Emily Cooke
Clara E. Eyre 1892 Albert J. Letchford
David William Eyre 1886 Alice Beach
Daniel Eyre 1883 Elsie Ann Eyre
Daniel Eyre 1890 Maud Campbell
Daniel Eyre 1868 Sarah Harkin
David Eyre 1891 Ada M. Muller
Edith A Eyre 1887 William H. Wright
Edward Eyre 1898 Margaret O'Donohue
Egmont A Eyre 1902 Louisa F. Duff
Eliza M. S. Eyre 1846 James S. Walsh
Elizabeth M. Eyre 1838 Thomas B. Burnham
Emma E. Eyre 1865 James Fuller
Emma R. Eyre 1856 James Pearce
Esther Eyre 1856 Robert Lilley
Fanny Eyre 1840 John Pheely
George Eyre 1810 Georgina Barrington
Harriet Eyre 1883 Samuel Lesie Cohen
Harriet Ellen Eyre 1875 Alfred Hogsflesh
Harry Leo Eyre 1901 Violet M. Maud Hobson
James Eyre 1897 Polly Lord
Jane Eyre 1835 William May
John Eyre 1862 Ellen Harriet Swain
John Eyre 1812 Susannah Wiltshire
John Charles Eyre 1855 Rebecca R. Richards
John Edward Addison Eyre 1875 Margaret Bailey
John Joseph Eyre 1896 Ada May Holloway
Mary Eyre 1895 Thomas Elliott
Mary A. V. Eyre 1891 James H. Simmonds
Mary Ann Eyre 1882 John Johnson Beattie
Mary Ann Eyre 1851 William Styman
Mary Ann Eyre 1854 Joseph Corte
Richard Edward M. Eyre 1886 Laura M. Rogers
Sarah Eyre 1814 Felix Carney
Sophia Eyre 1838 Edward Riley
Stephen Henry Eyre 1895 Mary C. Christenson
Susannah Eyre 1853 Joseph Bull
Thomas Eyre 1866 Sarah A. Scott
Thomas Tracey Eyre 1892 Annie M. Richards
Wilfrid J. S. Eyre 1903 Ida V. Fraser
William Eyre 1902 Ada M. V. Taber
William Eyre 1842 Mary Malone
William E/ H. G. Eyre 1883 Margaret R. Falconer
William Henry Eyre 1861 Sarah Giles
William Plimsoll Bowden Eyre 1902 Victoria E. Hulin
Alfred Benjamin Eyre 3 Jan 1912 Katie McGrath
Benjamin Eyre 1897 Margaret Bolgner
David John Eyre 27 Feb 1900 Mary May Dolgner
Elizabeth Eyre 1891 Andrew Ringston
Elizabeth Kate Eyre 6 Jul 1904 Thomas Anderson
Elizabeth Thompson Eyre 1886-1893 William Hy Smith
Ellen Maude Eyre 8 Jan 1908 James Wriggles
Emily Eyre 1889 James Rapson
Frances Margaret Eyre 18 Nov 1903 William McDonald Forbes
George William Eyre 18 Jan 1900 Annie Ford
Harold Eyre 3 Sep 1910 Edith Elizabeth McArdle
Henry C. Eyre 1885-1893 Helen E. Townson
Henry Thomas Eyre 20 Apr 1912 Edith Jane Fuller
Richard Eyre 1874-1885 Sarah Jane Parry
Sarah Jane Eyre 1896 John McCulloch
Thomas Eyre 20 Jun 1914 Cicely Clara Barnes
Walter Morris Eyre 1887 Annie Loveday
William John Eyre 25 Mar 1911 Ruth Gilbert
Edmund John Eyre 12 Jan 1852 Trinity Ch. Adelaide Katherine Louisa Good
George Eyre 1879-1886 Mary Ann ?
Henry James Staunton Eyre 7 Nov 1854 Pt Lincoln Annie White (Sgt. Mounted Police)
Henry S. S. Eyre 1879-1886 ?
Henry Vernon Eyre 1897-1906 Eva Jane Wood
John M. Eyre 1842-67 ?
T. W. Eyre (b. Paignton, Devon) Jan 1917 Adelaide Edith Adelaide Holbrook
Ada Eyre 1898 Thomas Louis Whitehead
Adeline Rosa Eyre 1904 Frank Harry Claude
Agnes Eyre 1866 Bendix Johannes Mellor Hansen
Agnes Eyre 1911 Joseph Love
Alice Dorothea Eyre 1904 Thomas John Allen
Annie Eyre 1861 Charles Walters Leggett
Annie Louise Eyre 1879 Alexander Galvin
Ann Louisa Eyre 1879 Alexander Galvin
Augustine Jennett Eyre 1904 Kathleen West
Augustine Louis Eyre 1870 Anne Maria Austin
Beatrice M. Eyre 1904 Victor Harold Pontin
Catherine Eyre 1899 William Thomas Scannell
Catherine Julia Eyre 1871 Peter Geo. Alex. Sam. Whannel
Charles Eyre 1869 Elizabeth Paynter Curnow
Charles Vincent Eyre 1910 Mabel Isobel Thompson
Charles Herbert Eyre 1891 Agnes Crawford
Charles Thomas Eyre 1893 Grace Mary A. Matilda Shurin
Daniel Eyre 1857 Catherine Coulter
Edith Bowyer Eyre 1895 Frederick William Turner
Edward Bowyer Eyre 1904 Annie Elizabeth Hillman
Edwin Augustus 1892 Adeline Amelia Norris
Ernest Corby Eyre 1908 Ida Stuart Smith
Eliza Jane Eyre 1898 John Argent Woodward
Elizabeth Eyre 1871 Christopher Bromley
Elizabeth Eyre 1884 Thomas Ashley Knaggs
Ellen Neurina Eyre 1909 Lewis John Balfour
Emma Margaret Eyre 1903 Robert Bligh
Esther Phyllis Eyre 1905 Frank Wellington Young
Ethel Annie Eyre 1903 Herb. Henry Wm Wilke
Ewen Eyre 1874 Sarah Agnes Christ. Oakley
Ewen Hamlet Eyre 1906 Ada Ellen Horkings
Flora Austin Eyre 1904 Percy Charles Westmore
Florence Bowyer Eyre 1887 Joseph Pritchar
Francis Edward Charles Eyre 1882 Jessie Mary Pittard
Frederick C. Eyre 1896 Martha J. Wallis
George Eyre 1866 Elizabeth Lewis
George Eyre 1856 Ellen Regan
George Eyre 1874 Sarah Georgina Thurman
Henrietta Mary Eyre 1853 William Hodnett
Henry Charles Eyre 1905 Frances Laura Green
Irene Jane Mabel Eyre 1897 Evan Weston
James Eyre 1891 Mary Ellen Valpied
James Eyre 1865 Sarah Allen
James Charles Eyre 1903 Louisa Faull
John Eyre 1857 Elizabeth Hollands
Leslie George Eyre 1902 Susannah Ellen Brady
Lilian Elizabeth Eyre 1896 Edward Nye
Marion Caroline Eyre 1897 Alexander Hunter Dalton
Mary Jane Eyre 1874 Mark Lake
Nellie Eyre 1901 Walter Robert Checucci
Nesta Agnes L. Eyre 1909 Harry Naylor
Olive Maud Eyre 1910 Alec Fielding Tweedie
Percival Edward Eyre 1900 Amelia Hodgson
Richard Eyre 1879 Florence Trinnick
Richard Eyre 1905 Susan Agnes Stella Corben
Rosanna Ann Eliz. Eyre 1902 Henry McDonald
Ruth Ruby Eyre 1907 David Buick
Samuel Eyre 1892 Isabelle Jane Bligh
Sarah Elizabeth Eyre 1882 John Davey
Sarah Jane Eyre 1875 Edward French Ewen
Thomas Eyre (b. Cornwall) 1875 Elizabeth Hodgson
Thomas Eyre 1875 Elizabeth Jane Cole
Thomas Eyre 1903 Emily Louisa Marion Allpass
Thomas Eyre 1862 Rebecca Bennett
Vera Beatrice Eyre 1910 Henry Hadden
Vera Isabella Eyre 1913 Vincent Alfred Geo. Harris
William Eyre (b. Ireland) 1880 Emily Smyth
William Eyre 1855 Mary Mills
William Eyre 1860 Sarah Elizabeth Bennett
Winifred Ann Eyre 1905 Walter Phipps Turnbull
William Eyre 1866 Sarah Storey
William James Eyre 1859 Elizabeth Ann Blake
Henry M. Eyre 1863 ?