Eyre Transcriptions Lincolnshire 1841 Census

1841 Census - Eyres in Lincolnshire
Submitted by Robert Eyre
The aim of these census transcriptions is to provide an index which may be used to find any Eyre in any census.
This particular transcription gives the name, age, occupation, location and census reference for the 62 Eyre's living in Lincolnshire at the time of the 1841 census.
Name Age Occupation Location Reference
Thomas Eyre 50 Weaver Pauper Newark Union Workhouse HO107/616/6/19a

Mary Eyre 20? F.S Helpringham HO107/619/14/12a
Robert Eyre 30 Miller & Baker Ruskington HO107/621/18/10
Mary Eyre 25 Widow? Ruskington HO107/621/18/10
Mary Eyre 25 Ind Ruskington HO107/621/18/10
Mary Eyre 9   Ruskington HO107/621/18/10
William Eyre 7   Ruskington HO107/621/18/10
Hellen Eyre 5   Ruskington HO107/621/18/10
Robert Eyre 3   Ruskington HO107/621/18/10
George Eyre 25 F ???? Ruskington HO107/621/18/21
George Eyre 15 ???? Temple Bruin? HO107/623/2/3
Thomas Eyre 35 Farmer Brough HO107/629/13/3
Jane Eyre 30   Brough HO107/629/13/3
Alice Eyre 9   Brough HO107/629/13/3
George Eyre 6   Brough HO107/629/13/3
Jane Eyre 4   Brough HO107/629/13/3
Thomas Eyre 1   Brough HO107/629/13/3
Ann Eyre 30 Cheesemonger Caistor HO107/630/7/53
William Eyre 7   Caistor HO107/630/7/53
Mary Jane Eyre 3   Caistor HO107/630/7/53
Thomas Rycroft 25 M.S Caistor HO107/630/7/53
Samuel Eyre 25 M.S Caistor HO107/630/7/53
Frances Eyre 15 Servant Sumersby HO107/631/14/3
John Eyre 20 Weaver Crowle HO107/631/18/14
Henry Eyre 30 Shoemaker Crowle HO107/631/18/14
Hannah Eyre 35   Crowle HO107/631/18/14
Thomas Eyre 5   Crowle HO107/631/18/14
William Eyre 3   Crowle HO107/631/18/14
Mary Eyre 1   Crowle HO107/631/18/14
George Eyre 25 Ag Lab Crowle HO107/631/18/54
Hannah Eyre 30   Crowle HO107/631/18/54
John Eyre 4   Crowle HO107/631/18/54
Sarah Eyre 1   Crowle HO107/631/18/54
Benjamin Eyre 40 Ag Lab Firsby HO107/633/7/5
Dinah Eyre 34   Firsby HO107/633/7/5
Stephen Eyre 8   Firsby HO107/633/7/5
Benjamin Eyre 7   Firsby HO107/633/7/5
Robert Eyre 6   Firsby HO107/633/7/5
Mary Eyre 4   Firsby HO107/633/7/5
John Eyre 1   Firsby HO107/633/7/5
Mary Eyre 60 Nurse ??????? HO107/634/1/46
Thomas Eyre 20 Merchant Gainsburgh HO107/634/3/18
Samuel Eyre 70 Ag Lab Haxey HO107/636/27/20
Susan Eyre 33   Irby HO107/638/4/6
Robert Eyre 80 Ag Lab North Kelsey HO107/638/12/12
Jane Eyre 75   North Kelsey HO107/638/12/12
Elizabeth Eyre 35   Marsh Chapel HO107/640/14/9
Ann Eyre 8   Marsh Chapel HO107/640/14/9
William Eyre 6   Marsh Chapel HO107/640/14/9
Thomas Eyre 50 Weaver Owston HO107/641/19/33
Martha Eyre 40   Owston HO107/641/19/33
Robert Eyre 20 Weaver Owston HO107/641/19/33
John Eyre 11 Pupil Market Rasen HO107/642/7/19
Thomas Eyre 10 Border Market Rasen HO107/642/7/51
Robert Eyre 35 Farmer Middle Raisen HO107/642/8/24
N. K 30   Middle Raisen HO107/642/8/24
Elizabeth Eyre 10   Middle Raisen HO107/642/8/24
Fanny Eyre 6   Middle Raisen HO107/642/8/24
Mary Eyre 2   Middle Raisen HO107/642/8/24
Robert Eyre 4   Middle Raisen HO107/642/8/24
Elizabeth Eyre 15 F.S Spilsby HO107/644/18/7
John Eyre 8   Winterton HO107/649/19/48
Edward Eyre 30 Ag Lab ?????????????? HO107/651/11/25
Eliza Eyre 35   ?????????????? HO107/651/11/25