Eyre Transcriptions Northamptonshire 1901 Census

1901 Census - Eyres in Nottinghamshire
Submitted by Robert Eyre
The aim of these census transcriptions is to provide an index which may be used to find any Eyre in any census. Starting with the 1901 census and counties containing high numbers of Eyres and working backwards using indexes, locations provided by fellow researchers and tracking down families through info gained from ages and birthplaces given in more recent census's.
This particular transcription gives the name, relationship to head of household, marital status, age, occupation birthplace and census reference number for all Eyre's in the 1901 Northamptonshire census. If you find any more please could you forward them to me via the contributors page for inclusion on this or similar pages.

St Sepulchure - RG13/1420-19a

Henry Eyre Head Mar 40 Shoe Bootmaker Wellingboro
Mary Ann Eyre Wife Mar 38   Boston Lincs
William Eyre Son S 12   Northampton
Charles Eyre Son S 10   Northampton
Thomas Eyre Son S 7   Northampton
Reginald Eyre Son S 3   Northampton
John Eyre Son S 1   Northampton

St Sepulchure - RG13/1420-164

Thomas Eyre Head Mar 67 Leather Cutter Wellingboro
Charlotte Eyre Wife Mar 68   Higham Ferrers
Henry Eyre GSon S 17 Boot Shoe Finisher London

St Andrews - RG13/1422-24a

Charles Eyre Head Mar ?? Operator Machinery Boot Long Buckby

St Giles - RG13/1422-39a

Mahlah? Eyre Head Wid 66 Dressmaker Long Buckby
Nellie G Eyre Daug S 30 Dressmaker Long Buckby
Laura W Leach Grand-Dau S 16 Domestic Help Northampton

St Giles - RG13/1422-54

Walter Eyre Head Mar 27 Laster? Long Buckby
Ada Eyre Wife Mar 26   Northampton

St Giles - RG13/1422-104

Clark Eyre Boarder Widower 66 Shoe Maker Daventry

St Giles - RG13/1422-163

Ernest Eyre Head Mar 31 Foreman? Rough Boot? Long Buckby
Elizabeth Eyre Wife Mar 28   Earls Barton
Nellie Eyre Daug   5   Earls Barton

St Giles - RG13/1423-111a

Owen Eyre Head Mar 38 Shoe Laster? Long Buckby
Harriet Eyre Wife Mar 38   Northampton
Elizabeth Eyre Daug S 17   Northampton
Alice Eyre Daug   14 Shoe Machinist? Northampton
Charlie Eyre Son   6   Wellingboro
Kate Eyre Daug   2   Wellingboro
Frank Eyre Son   8m   Wellingboro
Kate Clare? Sis-in_Law   21 Shoe Room Help? Northampton

St Sepulchre - RG13/1425-95

George Eyre Head Mar 26 Iron Moulder? Bedford
Emily L Eyre Wife Mar 21   London Hackney
George H J Eyre Son S 2   Northampton
Sarah K Eyre Daug S 8m   Northampton
Kate Roberts Boarder Mar 23   Northampton
George H Roberts Boarders Son S 1m   Northampton

Northampton all Saints - RG13/1426-5a

Albert C Eyre Boarder S 23 Drapers Assistant? Linc Horncastle

Northampton all Saints - RG13/1426-143a

George Eyre Head Mar 55 Iron Moulder Northampton
Kate Eyre Wife Mar 49   Northampton
William Eyre Son S 25 Iron Moulder Northampton
Edith Eyre Daug   16 Shoe Machinist Northampton
James Eyre Son   12   Northampton
Charles Eyre Son   9   Northampton
Edward Eyre Son   7   Northampton

Kingsthorpe - RG13/1427-131

John Eyre Head Mar 71 Retired Publican Long Buckley
Ann Eyre Wife Mar 69   Long Buckley
Louisa Eyre Daug S 46   Long Buckley

Long Buckley? - RG13/1431-81

Thos Eyre Pauper Patient S 69 No Occupation (Lunatic) Daventry

Long Buckley - RG13/1435-15

Susan Eyre Head Wid 72 Publican Long Buckley
Arthur Eyre Son S 39 Carpenter Long Buckley

Long Buckley - RG13/1435-15a

James Eyre Head S 61 Shoe Manufacturer Long Buckley
Fanny Eyre Sister S 56 Machine Shoe Closer Long Buckley
Sarah Waite Servant   13 Servant Domestic London

Long Buckley - RG13/1435-37

Frank Eyre Head Mar 35 Manager Boot Shoe Long Buckley
Eliza Eyre Wife Mar 40   Long Buckley
Gertrude Eyre Daug   7   Long Buckley

Long Buckley - RG13/1435-44a

Frederick Eyre Head Mar 61 Shoemaker Long Buckley
Alice Eyre Wife Mar 60   Derby

Willington - RG13/1444-49 and 49a

Charles Eyre Head Mar 42 Shoemaker Willington?
Mary A Eyre Wife Mar 35   Willington?
Alice M Eyre Daug   13 Shoemaker Willington?
Wilfred Eyre Son   9   Willington?
Nellie Eyre Daug   4   Willington?
George Eyre Son   1   Willington?
Nellie Marshall Sister S 22 Shoe Upper Fitter Willington?
Florence Marshall Sister S 20 Shoe Upper Machinist Willington?

Kettering - RG13/1449-190a

James Eyre Head Mar 35 Foreman Laster? Weldon?
Eliza Eyre Wife Mar 36 Dressmaker Hunts Pidley
Rhoda Johnson M in Law Wid 81 Retired Dressmaker Hunts Pidley
Florence Hudson? G Niece? S 13 Dressmakers Apprentice Hunts Pidley

Clapton - RG13/1452-51a

Rowland Wood Head Mar 52 Farmer and Valuer Clapton
Lydia Wood Wife Mar 53   Hunts Keystone
Rowland Wood Son S 21 Farmers Son Clapton
Mabel Eyre Visitor S 23   Walpole St Andrews
Alice Gammon? Serv S 21 Dom Hunts Wooley

Fletton - RG13/1461-12a

Joseph Eyre Head S 70 Retired Outfitter? Hunts Stanground?
Edwin Latham Nephew S 30 Railway Engine Cleaner? Bedford Elston

Peterborough - RG13/1462-99a

William Henry Hillsom Head Mar 23 Ironmongers ? ???
Mary Jane Hillsom Wife Mar 26   Lincs?Thetford
George William Hillsom Son 2m   Peterborough
John Wm Eyre B? in Law S 28 ?Driver Lincs?Thetford
Spencer Spencer? Boarder S 29 Market Gardener Winteringham?

Peterborough - RG13/1463-17a

George Eyre Head Mar 26 Ironmoulder Derby
Annie Eyre Wife Mar 21   Peterborough

Peterborough - RG13/1463-17a

John H Eyre Head Mar 60 Blacksmith Wigton
Nellie Eyre Wife Mar 32   Ireland
Sidney W Eyre Son S 23 Blacksmiths Assistant Hunts Wigton
Bertha Eyre Daug S 22 ?? Hunts Wigton
Arthur L? Eyre Son S ?? Blacksmith Hunts Wigton