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Family of Joshua Pusey EYRE and Martha Smith PENNELL

Husband: Joshua Pusey EYRE (1836-1889)
Wife: Martha Smith PENNELL ( - )
Children: William EYRE Jr (1863-1864)
Sallie Pennell EYRE ( - )

Husband: Joshua Pusey EYRE

Name: Joshua Pusey EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: William Pusey EYRE Jr (1807-1863)
Mother: Anna Louisa TERRILL (1812-1839)
Birth 19 Jan 1836 1
Death 25 Sep 1889 (age 53) 1

Wife: Martha Smith PENNELL

Name: Martha Smith PENNELL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: William EYRE Jr

Name: William EYRE Jr
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Aug 1863 1
Death 17 Feb 1864 (age 0) 2

Child 2: Sallie Pennell EYRE

Name: Sallie Pennell EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Gray PRICE Jr (1869-1960?)

Note on Husband: Joshua Pusey EYRE - shared note

January 28, 1857



REGISTER'S OFFICE, Media, Delaware County, Jan. 20, 1857... The account of Joshua P. EYRE, guardian of Joshua P. EYRE, Jr., minor son of Ann Louisa EYRE, late of the borough of Chester,

deceased. .... (father of JP EYRE Jr was William Pusey EYRE - jka)


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