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Family of Joseph EYRE and Elizabeth BROWN

Husband: Joseph EYRE (1811?-1866)
Wife: Elizabeth BROWN ( - )
Children: Eliza W EYRE (1842-1890)
Florence B EYRE (1844-1914)
Henry Anthon EYRE (1848-1885)

Husband: Joseph EYRE

Name: Joseph EYRE 1,2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Isaac EYRE (1778-1843)
Mother: Eleanor COOPER (1773?-1851)
Birth (1) 1811 (app)
Death (1) 14 Feb 1866 (age 54-55) Newtown, PA
Birth (2) 1811
Death (2) 1866 (age 54-55)

Wife: Elizabeth BROWN

Name: Elizabeth BROWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Eliza W EYRE

Name: Eliza W EYRE
Sex: Female
Birth 1842
Death 1890 (age 47-48)

Child 2: Florence B EYRE

Name: Florence B EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Elwood B LONGSHORE ( - )
Birth 1844
Death 1914 (age 69-70)

Child 3: Henry Anthon EYRE

Name: Henry Anthon EYRE
Sex: Male
Birth 1848
Death 1885 (age 36-37)

Note on Husband: Joseph EYRE - shared note

Eyre Genealogy compiled by Barclay Eyre 1921


Joseph Eyre was a Sea Captain and spent his active life in his vocation. He made frequent voyages to England, and was in China a number of times, from whence he brought many treasured relics.

He was twice around the Cape of Good Hope, and was in California during the gold fever of '49. He was once shipwrecked, in which his Bible was the only thing saved. A granddaughter has this

among her treasures. His wife was Elizabeth Brown of Newtown, Penna., where the family resided. The had three children.


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