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Family of Isaac EYRE and Elizabeth E SMITH

Husband: Isaac EYRE (1819-1904)
Wife: Elizabeth E SMITH ( - )

Husband: Isaac EYRE

Name: Isaac EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: Isaac EYRE (1778-1843)
Mother: Eleanor COOPER (1773?-1851)
Birth 1819
Death 1904 (age 84-85)

Wife: Elizabeth E SMITH

Name: Elizabeth E SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Isaac EYRE - shared note

Eyre Genealogy compiled by Barclay Eyre 1921


Isaac Eyre, the youngest son of Isaac and Eleanor Cooper Eyre, remained upon the ancestral farm near Attleboro,some twelve or fifteen years after his father's death in 1843; then retired to the

village of Attleboro, where the family lived a few years. Later he purchased and removed to a fine farm near Newtown, where they lived until the son's marriage, when he retired to Newtown to

spend the last years of his active and useful life.

He was one of the promoters of the Philadelphia and Newtown R R and actively assisted in laying out and building the road.

He was also interested in other railroad projects, and was at one time President of the Sunbury, Hazelton and Wilkes-Barre RR Co, the bonds of which bear his name as President.

He was one of the original members of the George School committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends, and it was largely through his influence that the school was located near Newtown.

The "Eyre Line" leading through the woods from the main building toward Newtown is a fitting memorial to his earnest and persistent efforts on behalf of George School.

His first wife was Elizabeth Knight (married 1842) and they had two children. A second wife, late in life, was Elizabeth E. Smith.