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Family of Robert EYRE and Elizabeth E

Husband: Robert EYRE (1686?-bef1732)
Wife: Elizabeth E ( -aft1732)

Husband: Robert EYRE

Name: Robert EYRE 1
Sex: Male
Father: Robert EYRE (aft1648-bef1708)
Mother: Ann SMITH ( -bef1726)
Birth 1686 (app)
Death btw 1729 and 1732 (age 42-46) New Castle, Delaware

Wife: Elizabeth E

Name: Elizabeth E 2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death aft 1732

Note on Husband: Robert EYRE - shared note

Robert[2] EYRE d: between 23 Mar 1729/30 [New Castle cnty Deed J-1:92-93] and 30 Oct 1732 [New Castle cnty Deed M-1:335] in New Castle cnty, DE. He was survived by his wife, Elizabeth.


Robert EYERS2 requests (by David HERMAN) the Grant of a small parcell of Land near Pecquea. He is a Cooper. 2-14-1725.

Penn. Arc, Series 2, Vol. 19, page 729

Book of Property, Min. Book 8


SECONDARY: Abstracts of Chester County Pennsylvania Land Records, Vol 1, 1681-1730 by Carol Bryant,


Release. On 12 May 1710. The Subscriber hereby impowers Jasper YEATES, Esq. & Alice wife of William VANDEVERE, executors of my father's last will, to dispense with the said land at Brandywine &

resign all my interest in the land specified in the will. Signed Francis SMITH. Delivered in the presence of Robert EYRE & Jacob VANDEVERE. Recorded 03 Dec 1711 (C3:226)


"Mortgage. On 24 Sep 1728 Edward BEZER of Bethel, gentleman, & Margaret his wife, to John HOPTON of Bethel, yeoman. Edward BEZER for L50 grants to John HOPTON a tract in Bethel bounded by land

of William EYERS, land of Edward BEZER, Edward PENNOCK, of the late Francis MECHUM, of the late Walter MARTIN & Charles DINGEE & William EYRES, containing 121 acres, which was granted to Edward

BEZER by deed dated 15 Feb 1726 by Robert EYRE & Elizabeth his wife, & William EYRE and Mary his wife. Provided that Edward BEZER shall pay John HOPTON the L50 & interest. Signed Edward BEZER &

Margaret BEZER. Delivered in the presence of John TAYLOR & Mary TAYLOR. Recorded 04 Oct 1728. (D4:396).


1Bryant, Carol, "ABSTRACTS OF CHESTER COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA LAND RECORDS, Vol. I, 1681-1730" (Name: Westminster, Maryland, USA. Family Line Publications. 1997.;). p.228 "(D4:396) Mortgage. ...which was granted by deed to Edward BEZE.
2Ibid. p.228 "Mortgage. On 24 Sep 1728 Edward BEZER of Bethel, gentleman, & M.