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Family of Adam EYRE and Sarah LARKIN

Husband: Adam EYRE (1771?-1849?)
Wife: Sarah LARKIN (1771-bef1823)
Children: Joseph Larkin EYRE (1798-1829)
William EYRE (1800-aft1870)
Nathan Larkin EYRE (1803-1864)
Lewis EYRE (1804-bef1805)
Lewis EYRE (1805-1888)
Elizabeth Ann EYRE (1808-1862)
Ann S Price EYRE ( - )

Husband: Adam EYRE

Name: Adam EYRE 1
Sex: Male
Father: Robert EYRE (1742?-1823)
Mother: Ann PRICE (1744?-1817)
Birth 1771 (app) New Castle cnty, DE? Bethel twp, PA 2
Burial West Grove Quaker Cemetery
Death 1849 (app) (age 77-78) Harrison cnty, OH 3

Wife: Sarah LARKIN

Name: Sarah LARKIN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 14 May 1771 Bethel Twp, PA
Death bef 1823 (age 51-52) prob Harrison Cnty, OH

Child 1: Joseph Larkin EYRE

Name: Joseph Larkin EYRE
Sex: Male
Birth 1798
Death 9 Mar 1829 (age 30-31) 4

Child 2: William EYRE

Name: William EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Phoebe REESE (1805-aft1870)
Birth 18 Mar 1800 PA 5,6
Death aft 1870 (age 69-70) Probably Highland Cnty, OH

Child 3: Nathan Larkin EYRE

Name: Nathan Larkin EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann LARKIN (1806-1863)
Birth 22 Feb 1803 Virginia
Burial Chichester Meeting House, PA
Death 9 Aug 1864 (age 61) Upper Chichester, Bethel Twp, PA 7

Child 4: Lewis EYRE

Name: Lewis EYRE
Sex: Male
Birth 1804
Death bef 1805 (age 0-1)

Child 5: Lewis EYRE

Name: Lewis EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane HUNTER ( - )
Birth 14 Mar 1805 Pennsylvania 8
Death 25 May 1888 (age 83)

Child 6: Elizabeth Ann EYRE

Name: Elizabeth Ann EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Pyle HEACOCK (1804-1846)
Birth 12 Jan 1808
Death 25 Dec 1862 (age 54)

Child 7: Ann S Price EYRE

Name: Ann S Price EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph LARKIN ( - )

Note on Husband: Adam EYRE - shared note

A History of Delaware County Pennsylvania and Its People, Vol II 1914 John W Jordan. pp. 608-609

"Adam Eyre was born in Delaware county, died in Ohio, grandson of Robert(1) Eyre. He was a farmer and a member of the Society of Friends. He married Sarah Larkin, born May 14, 1771, in Bethel

township, Delaware county, died in Ohio, daughter of Joseph and Ann (Salkeld) Larkin, and granddaughter of John Larkin, who came from England; children 1. Joseph, born 1798, 2.William, born

March 18, 1800, married and had issue: Mary Ann, Sarah Jane, Melcina, William and Phoebe. 3. Nathan L (see forward), 4.Lewis, died young. 5. Lewis(2), born March 14, 1805, married Jane Hunter

and had a son William H, who married Hannah Graham, whose children are: Harry C, William H(2) married Millie Haas and has a son William H(3), died March 30, 1910. Lewis G married Mamie Detra

and has a daughter Dorothy May. 6. Elizabeth Ann, born January 12, 1808, married William Heacock. 7.Ann S Price, born September 15, 1812, died April 1, 1863, married Joseph Larkin, had a

daughter Sarah Elizabeth, married Alfred England. They had a daughter Ella Irene."

Note on Wife: Sarah LARKIN - shared note

In the Concord Meeting minutes they were married on April 4, 1799 at the Meeting.


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