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Sephaniah EYRE's parents: Samuel EYRE (1798-1864) and Della Delila LOW ( - )
Sephaniah EYRE's siblings: Sylvester EYRE (1837-1916) and Christina EYRE ( - )

Family of Sephaniah EYRE and Melissa BABCOCK

Husband: Sephaniah EYRE (1844-1916)
Wife: Melissa BABCOCK ( - )

Husband: Sephaniah EYRE

Name: Sephaniah EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel EYRE (1798-1864)
Mother: Della Delila LOW ( - )
Birth 1844 Alton, Illinois
Death Certificate 11 Oct 1916 (age 71-72) Jefferson cnty, IL # 0015465
Marriage Certificate 29 Dec 1870 (age 25-26) Montgomery cnty, IL # 00004279
Death 11 Oct 1916 (age 71-72) Mt Vernon, Jefferson

Wife: Melissa BABCOCK

Name: Melissa BABCOCK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Sephaniah EYRE - shared note

From: Mary Dains <> 14 Apr 2000:

Zephania Eyre was the son of Samuel Eyre (son of John and Catherine) and Della Johnson Eyre. He was born in 1844 in Alton Madison Co. IL. This information came from the family Bible that

Christina Eyre Babcock had in her possession. She sent this information to my John Eyre. And if I am not mistaken he sent it to your R. S. Eyre. According to that same source they had a

child named Rozella Eyre living with the family also. This child was born 14 OCT, 1972

I finally got the marriage record for Sam and Catherine Eyre, however it came through IRA and they didn't have the license or any details. I have to write to the county which I have not

done as yet. But on the record of the license her name is spelled Della and not Delila


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