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Family of Caleb Eyre THOMAS and Elizabeth LARKIN

Husband: Caleb Eyre THOMAS (1819-1890)
Wife: Elizabeth LARKIN ( - )
Children: Barlay THOMAS ( - )
Reese Larkin THOMAS ( - )
Mary THOMAS ( - )
Emily THOMAS ( - )

Husband: Caleb Eyre THOMAS

Name: Caleb Eyre THOMAS 1
Sex: Male
Father: Townsend THOMAS (1760-1846)
Mother: Beulah EYRE (1778-1861)
Birth 19 Mar 1819 1
Death 12 May 1890 (age 71) Buried Concord FBG, PA 1

Wife: Elizabeth LARKIN

Name: Elizabeth LARKIN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Barlay THOMAS

Name: Barlay THOMAS
Sex: Male

Child 2: Reese Larkin THOMAS

Name: Reese Larkin THOMAS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Martha C SHOEMAKER ( - )

Child 3: Mary THOMAS

Name: Mary THOMAS
Sex: Female

Child 4: Emily THOMAS

Name: Emily THOMAS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas M WEBSTER ( - )

Note on Husband: Caleb Eyre THOMAS - shared note

July 20, 1849



SAD ACCIDENT. - On Thursday of last week, a distressing accident occurred on the farm of C. Eyre Thomas, in Upper Chichester, in this county. As the me engaged in Mr. Thomas' employ were

hauling in grain, a sheaf fell off the load, as the wagon was entering the barn, which a son of Mr. McKee, who

was on the wagon, attempted to catch. While in the act of reaching over for the sheaf, which Mr. Thomas in the meantime had picked up, and was throwing on the load, the lad lost his balance,

and fell upon the fork, the prongs of which entered his head, literally impaling him, and causing instant death.


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