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Family of Howard HANNUM and Margaretta BISHOP

Husband: Howard HANNUM (1860- )
Wife: Margaretta BISHOP ( - )
Children: Joshua Eyre HANNUM ( - )
Henry Bishop HANNUM ( - )

Husband: Howard HANNUM

Name: Howard HANNUM
Sex: Male
Father: William HANNUM III (1818-1898)
Mother: Margaret Wilson EYRE (1820-1898)
Birth 9 Jul 1860 Concord, PA 1
Death Concord, PA

Wife: Margaretta BISHOP

Name: Margaretta BISHOP
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Joshua Eyre HANNUM

Name: Joshua Eyre HANNUM
Sex: Male

Child 2: Henry Bishop HANNUM

Name: Henry Bishop HANNUM
Sex: Male


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