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Family of William Gray PRICE Jr and Sallie Pennell EYRE

Husband: William Gray PRICE Jr (1869-1960?)
Wife: Sallie Pennell EYRE ( - )
Children: Joshua P Eyre PRICE ( - )
Terrill Eyre PRICE ( - )
William Alrich PRICE ( - )
Martha Eyre PRICE ( - )
Elizabeth Eyre PRICE ( - )

Husband: William Gray PRICE Jr

Name: William Gray PRICE Jr
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 23 Mar 1869 1
Death Apr 1960 (app) (age 91)

Wife: Sallie Pennell EYRE

Name: Sallie Pennell EYRE
Sex: Female
Father: Joshua Pusey EYRE (1836-1889)
Mother: Martha Smith PENNELL ( - )

Child 1: Joshua P Eyre PRICE

Name: Joshua P Eyre PRICE
Sex: Male

Child 2: Terrill Eyre PRICE

Name: Terrill Eyre PRICE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen ( - )

Child 3: William Alrich PRICE

Name: William Alrich PRICE
Sex: Male

Child 4: Martha Eyre PRICE

Name: Martha Eyre PRICE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Lee ( - )

Child 5: Elizabeth Eyre PRICE

Name: Elizabeth Eyre PRICE
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: William Gray PRICE Jr - shared note

Source Information: Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, Volumes I-III

Colonel William Gray Price Jr., of the Third Regiment, National Guard of Pennsylvania, and a member of the Armory Board of Pennsylvania, since its organization in 1905, was born in the

city of Chester, Pennsylvania, March 23, 1869, and comes of English, Welsh and Dutch ancestry. His paternal

ancestors were among the early English settlers in what is now the State of Delaware.

Colonel Price is a lineal descendant of Peter Alricks, a nephew of Jacob Alricks, who was selected as director and commissary general of a colony sent out by the burgomasters of Amsterdam

to form a settlement on the Delaware, in the territory transferred to them by the Dutch West India Company, in payment of a debt, of which territory Fort Cassimer, on the site of New Castle,

Delaware, was the virtual centre, and accompanied his uncle to the Delaware as an official of the colony.

William Gray Price Jr., son of William Gray and Jennie E. (Campbell) Price, was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, March 23, 1869. He is now engaged in the coal business in Philadelphia. He

served as second lieutenant of Company B, Sixth Regiment, National Guard of Pennsylvania, as first lieutenant of Company C, Sixth Regiment Infantry, National Guard, and is now a member of the

Third Regiment, National Guard, and a member of the Armory Board of Pennsylvania since its organization in 1905. He married Sallie P. Eyre, daughter of the late Joshua P. Eyre, of Chester.


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