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William ASKEW's siblings: John ASKEW ( - ) and Parker ASKEW (1756?-aft1850)

Family of William ASKEW and Catherine SLAUGHTER

Husband: William ASKEW (1753?-1827?)
Wife: Catherine SLAUGHTER ( - )
Children: Eyre ASKEW (1808?-1868)

Husband: William ASKEW

Name: William ASKEW
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph ASKEW (1725?-bef1803)
Mother: Rebecca EYRE ( - )
Birth 1753 (app) Chester cnty, Pennsylvania
Death 1827 (app) (age 73-74) Belmont cnty, OH

Wife: Catherine SLAUGHTER

Name: Catherine SLAUGHTER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Eyre ASKEW

Name: Eyre ASKEW
Sex: Male
Spouse: Louisa Fitzallen TROWER (1804-1878)
Birth 1808 (app)
Burial Spring Hill Cemetery, Kentucky.
Death 7 Sep 1868 (age 59-60) Harrodsburg, KY

Note on Husband: William ASKEW - shared note

William ASKEW joined Hopewell MM of Frederick Co, VA, 1779 from Concord MM, Chester Co, PA.