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Family of John PEIRCE and MARGRET

Husband: John PEIRCE (1736?-aft1827)
Wife: MARGRET ( - )
Children: Sarah PEARCE ( - )
John PEARCE ( - )
Henry PEARCE ( - )

Husband: John PEIRCE

Name: John PEIRCE
Sex: Male
Father: Henry PEIRCE II (1698?-1756)
Mother: Sarah HUNTER ( -1776?)
Birth 1736 (app)
Death aft 20 Mar 1827 (age 90-91) Concord, PA


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Sarah PEARCE

Name: Sarah PEARCE
Sex: Female

Child 2: John PEARCE

Name: John PEARCE
Sex: Male

Child 3: Henry PEARCE

Name: Henry PEARCE
Sex: Male

Note on Husband: John PEIRCE - shared note

PEIRCE, JOHN, Concord Twp.

June 11, 1795 - April 27, 1796.

Son John the home plantation also that formerly John WALTER'S, also

gold watch, silver spurs &c., plantation subject to 2/5 interest to

daughter Mary wife of John JAMES, yearly during life, she to have use

of plantation purchased of Ezekiel LEONARD and also that formerly

Israel PYLE'S purchased of Sheriff GARDNER, also house and land farmed

by her husband, old house rented to James CROSLEY and fence timber from

near Joseph PENNALLS triangular field. To sons of Mary, namely John and

Joseph plantation on the Delaware purchased of David BEVEN subject to

payment of 600, 200 being to Mires, Worrall, Sarah and John PEIRCE,

400 to other children of daughter Mary. Exrs: Stephen MENDENHALL (who

renounced) and son John. Wits: Micajah SPEAKMAN, Joseph FINCH and Caleb

PEIRCE. #95.