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Preston EYRE's parents: Lewis EYRE ( -1855?) and Mary PIERCE ( - )
Mary FANT's other family: with unknown spouse

Family of Preston Worrall EYRE and Mary Elizabeth Ann FANT

Husband: Preston Worrall EYRE (1824-1866)
Wife: Mary Elizabeth Ann FANT (1839-1904)
Children: Catherine Agnes Ann EYRE ( - )
Susanna Harriet EYRE ( - )
Willis Preston EYRE (1862-1923)
John Stewart EYRE (1864-1929)

Husband: Preston Worrall EYRE

Name: Preston Worrall EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: Lewis EYRE ( -1855?)
Mother: Mary PIERCE ( - )
Birth 14 Jul 1824 PA
Burial Oakland Cemetery, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
Death 17 Jul 1866 (age 42) Shreveport, LA

Wife: Mary Elizabeth Ann FANT

Name: Mary Elizabeth Ann FANT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 11 Apr 1839
Death 9 Oct 1904 (age 65) Buried Old Frazier Cemetery, LA

Child 1: Catherine Agnes Ann EYRE

Name: Catherine Agnes Ann EYRE
Sex: Female

Child 2: Susanna Harriet EYRE

Name: Susanna Harriet EYRE
Sex: Female

Child 3: Willis Preston EYRE

Name: Willis Preston EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Laura Catherine SINGER (1871-1925)
Birth (1) 7 Sep 1862
Burial 28 Jul 1923 Kadesh, Grant Parish, USA 1
Death (1) 28 Jul 1923 (age 60) Dry Prong, LA
Birth (2) 27 Sep 1862 LA
Death (2) 28 Jul 1923 (age 60) LA

Child 4: John Stewart EYRE

Name: John Stewart EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Frances Elizabeth BOGGUS ( - )
Birth 3 Nov 1864
Burial Greenwood Cemetery
Death 17 Jan 1929 (age 64)

Note on Husband: Preston Worrall EYRE - shared note

Amongst my notes I found that "my" Ann EYRE signed at the wedding of Samuel ELLIS and Keziah WORREL, 21st day, 5th m, 1788 at Middle Creek. This may be the beginning of the trail to Worrel

Preston EYRE and the VA EYREs for you.


Confederate Soldier: Pvt, Allston's Co LA Reserve Corps CSA


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So let me get this straight ....

Author: Date: 12 Aug 2001 11:30 AM GMT

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1)Robert EYRE & Ann SMITH

2)William EYRE & Mary DAVID

3)Isaac EYRE & Ann PRESTON

4)Lewis EYRE & Susannah WORRALL

5)Lewis EYRE & Mary PEIRCE

6)Preston Worrall EYRE & Mary Elizabeth Ann FANT

7)Willis Preston EYRE & Laura Catherine SINGER

8)Clarence Eugene EYRE & Nina Mae MITCHELL

9)Clarence Wilber EYRE

7)John Stewart EYRE & Frances Elizabeth BOGGUS

8)John Don EYRE & Mattie LEWIS

9)Julius Peter EYRE & Kathrine FRANZ

10)James Loewen EYRE & Carolyn Jane GREENWOOD


Re: So let me get this straight ....

Author: Rebecca Powell Date: 8 Jun 2002 5:07 AM GMT

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Actually Willis Preston Eyre is the brother of John Stewart Eyre. Clarence Eugene, is his son, and Clarence Wilbur is his grandson but the rest is correct.


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Re: So let me get this straight ....

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Thank you, Bekka,


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