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Family of William Shreve DORAN and Mary EYRE

Husband: William Shreve DORAN ( - )
Wife: Mary EYRE (1807-1895)
Children: Susan Eyre DORAN ( - )

Husband: William Shreve DORAN

Name: William Shreve DORAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Mary EYRE

Name: Mary EYRE
Sex: Female
Father: Isaac EYRE (1778-1843)
Mother: Eleanor COOPER (1773?-1851)
Birth 1807
Death 1895 (age 87-88)

Child 1: Susan Eyre DORAN

Name: Susan Eyre DORAN 1
Sex: Female

Note on Wife: Mary EYRE - shared note

Eyre Genealogy compiled by Barclay Eyre 1921


Mary Eyre, the only daughter of Isaac and Eleanor Cooper Eyre, married William Shreve Doran. They lived on a farm near Attleboro for a number of years; later removing across country in wagons

to the vicinity of Wilkes-Barre, where several of the family have since resided.

They had nine children.


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