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Family of Isaac EYRE and Ann PRESTON

Husband: Isaac EYRE (1738?-1825)
Wife: Ann PRESTON (1745-1812)
Children: EYRE ( - )
Jonas EYRE (1767-1836)
Lewis EYRE ( - )
William EYRE (1771-1859)
Preston EYRE (1774-1859)
Mary EYRE (1774-1870)
Isaac EYRE (1778-1843)
Marriage 26 Jun 1766 The Chester Meeting, PA 1

Husband: Isaac EYRE

Name: Isaac EYRE 2,3
Sex: Male
Father: William EYRE (1698-bef1764)
Mother: Mary DAVID ( - )
Birth 1738 (app)
Death 23 Oct 1825 (age 86-87) Chester, Pennsylvania 4


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 15 Dec 1745
Death 3 Dec 1812 (age 66) 1

Child 1: EYRE

Name: EYRE
Sex: Female

Child 2: Jonas EYRE

Name: Jonas EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Elizabeth B ENGLE ( -1798)
Spouse 2: Susanna PUSEY (1776-1841)
Birth 28 Apr 1767 2,5
Burial Chester Rural Cemetery, Chester, PA
Death 21 Mar 1836 (age 68) Chester, PA 2

Child 3: Lewis EYRE

Name: Lewis EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susannah WORRALL ( - )

Child 4: William EYRE

Name: William EYRE 6
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan MADDOCK (1781-1830)
Birth (1) 22 Mar 1771 2
Death 29 May 1859 (age 88) 2
Birth (2) 22 Mar 1771 5

Child 5: Preston EYRE

Name: Preston EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Arabella ASHMEAD (1786-1865)
Birth 17 Feb 1774 PA 2,5
Death 18 Apr 1859 (age 85) Dubuque, IA 7

Child 6: Mary EYRE

Name: Mary EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward ENGLE ( -1806)
Birth 17 Feb 1774 2,5
Death 3 Feb 1870 (age 95) 2

Child 7: Isaac EYRE

Name: Isaac EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eleanor COOPER (1773?-1851)
Birth 19 Apr 1778 5
Death 26 Jan 1843 (age 64) 8

Note on Husband: Isaac EYRE - shared note

American Families, p.2677: Isaac Eyre of Chester, PA, Justice of Middletown twp 1798, served in Rev War under Capt George McCully; b:1740, md: 1st 26 Jun Ann, dtr of Jonas Preston (descended

from Charles Plumley, of Wells, Somerset, emigrated 1682) and d:23 Oct 1825. His son, Jonas Eyre of Chester, b:38 Apr 1767 ...

Because of his Revolutionary War participation Isaac lost his membership amongst the Friends in 1774 but in 1783 he made an acknowledgement to the membership and again became a member. His

second marriage was before a magistrate and he again lost his membership in the Society of Friends.

Note on Wife: Ann PRESTON - shared note

Scharf, Thomas J., History of Delaware, 1609-1888. Volume Two- pp. 981-1015.



On May 13, 1769, Jonas Preston petitions the court for a condemnation of mill land. He says in his petition that he has a tract of land on the north side of the main branch of Drawyer_s Creek

and adjoining the same, whereon he doth intend to erect and build a "water grist-mill," and cannot secure sufficient water-rights without condemnation. A condemnation of six acres on the

stream, at the place desired, was granted. The mill was erected by him, and at his death devised to his wife, Ann, who afterwards married Isaac << Eyre>> . By them it was conveyed to Robert

McMurphy, August 1, 1776. On August 29, 1811,

Samuel Thomas became the owner, and, after his death, it descended to his son, Samuel, and afterwards to David W. Thomas, who sold the mill to Israel Townsend. In 1844 it was operated by Cyrus

Tatnam, who also conducted it for some time afterwards. On May 26, 1868, it was sold by Sheriff Herbert as the property of Jno. B. Lewis, and purchased by James A. Barton. Barton, in October,

1873, sold the property to J.B. Deakyne, who conveyed it to J. Fletcher Deakyne, the present owner, in February, 1882. It is a two-story brick building, with basement and attic. The capacity is

twenty-five barrels of flour and two hundred bushels of feed per day of twenty-four hours. A twenty-five horse-power engine is attached with which to run the mill when the water is low. The

grinding is done by burr, and the products are mostly consumed in the vicinity.


EArly Church Records of Delaware Cnty, PA, Vol II by Henry C Peden Jr & John Pitts Launey, p.200.

Ann (Preston) EYRE of Bethel d: 3rd of 12th mo 1812, aged 73, bur: at Chichester.


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