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Family of Edward DARLINGTON and Ann Preston EYRE

Husband: Edward DARLINGTON (1795-1884)
Wife: Ann Preston EYRE (1804-1843)
Children: William Graham DARLINGTON ( - )
Arabella Ashmead DARLINGTON (1829-1883)
George Eyre DARLINGTON ( - )
Marriage 26 Apr 1827 Chester, PA

Husband: Edward DARLINGTON

Name: Edward DARLINGTON 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 17 Sep 1795 West Chester, PA
Death 21 Nov 1884 (age 89) Media, PA 2

Wife: Ann Preston EYRE

Name: Ann Preston EYRE
Sex: Female
Father: Preston EYRE (1774-1859)
Mother: Arabella ASHMEAD (1786-1865)
Birth 4 Jul 1804 Chester, PA
Death 30 Dec 1843 (age 39) Buried Chester Rural Cemetery 2

Child 1: William Graham DARLINGTON

Name: William Graham DARLINGTON
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Lucy W MILLER ( - )
Spouse 2: Phoebe WILKINSON ( - )

Child 2: Arabella Ashmead DARLINGTON

Name: Arabella Ashmead DARLINGTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph R MORRIS ( -1859)
Birth 17 Aug 1829 Chester, PA
Death 1883 (age 53-54) 2

Child 3: George Eyre DARLINGTON

Name: George Eyre DARLINGTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen or Ella CARPENTER ( - )

Note on Husband: Edward DARLINGTON - shared note

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... he was born 9 mo. 17, 1795 and died 11 mo. 21, 1884 in Media, Pa. He married ANN PRESTON EYRE, daughter of PRESTON and ARABELLA (ASHMEAD) EYRE in Philadephia, Pa on 4 mo. 26, 1827. She

was born at Chester, Pa on 7 mo. 4, 1804 and died there on 12 mo. 30, 1843. They are both buried at Chester Rural Cemetery.

Their children were: WILLIAM GRAHAM DARLINGTON m. Lucy W. Miller and Phebe Wilkinson; ARABELLA ASHMEAD DARLINGTON m. Joseph R. Morris. and GEORGE EYRE m. Ella Carpenter. ... Edward was born

in West Chester, Pa and in his early youth moved to Delaware County, Pa with his parents. He attended the common schools and was graduated from West Chester Academy. He taught school

1817-1820; studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1821. He commenced practice in Chester, Pa. He was deputy general attorney 1824-1830. He was elected as a Whig to the 23rd and 24th

Congresses and as an anti-Mason to the 25th Congress (March 4, 1833-March 3, 1839). He then resumed the practice of law; attorney for county commissioners 1846-1856. He moved to Media, Pa in

1851. He was district attorney of Delaware County 1851-1854. All of the above is out of the Sharples book. I will try to send you info on their children next. I'm trying to locate info on my

great grandmother, ANN NEEDLES DARLINGTON. Would you have any information on the NEEDLES family? More later, Barbara


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