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William EYRE's other family: with Rebecca Pierce CHURCHMAN (1818-1866)

Family of William Pusey EYRE Jr and Anna Louisa TERRILL

Husband: William Pusey EYRE Jr (1807-1863)
Wife: Anna Louisa TERRILL (1812-1839)
Children: Joshua Pusey EYRE (1836-1889)
John Terrill EYRE (1837-1838)
Marriage 4 Mar 1835 Ruger: Mar 04 1837 ? 1

Husband: William Pusey EYRE Jr

Name: William Pusey EYRE Jr
Sex: Male
Father: Jonas EYRE (1767-1836)
Mother: Susanna PUSEY (1776-1841)
Birth 24 Apr 1807 Chester, Delaware County 2
Death 6 Mar 1863 (age 55) PA 3,4,5

Wife: Anna Louisa TERRILL

Name: Anna Louisa TERRILL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 23 Aug 1812 6
Death 29 Jan 1839 (age 26) 7

Child 1: Joshua Pusey EYRE

Name: Joshua Pusey EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Martha Smith PENNELL ( - )
Birth 19 Jan 1836 6
Death 25 Sep 1889 (age 53) 6

Child 2: John Terrill EYRE

Name: John Terrill EYRE
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Mar 1837 6
Death 20 Apr 1838 (age 1) 8

Note on Husband: William Pusey EYRE Jr - shared note

March 6, 1835



In Philadelphia, on the 4th inst, with Friends'ceremony, by John Swift, Esq. Mayor, WILLIAM << EYRE>> , Jr. to ANN LOUISA TERRILL, daughter of Dr. Terrill, all of Chester, Delaware county.

Note on Wife: Anna Louisa TERRILL - shared note

February 8, 1839


Death Notice

On Tuesday last, the 29th ult. after a protracted illness, Mrs LOUISA ANN EYRE, wife of Mr. Wm. Eyre, Jr., of Chester, in the 27th year of her age. Mrs. Eyre has left an extensive circle of

friends and relations to mourn the loss of one whose tender affections endeared her to them.


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