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Family of John Newton EYRE and Elizabeth MILHOLLAND

Husband: John Newton EYRE (1820-1870)
Wife: Elizabeth MILHOLLAND (1818-1904)
Children: J E EYRE ( - )
S P EYRE ( - )
J M EYRE ( - )
Marriage 20 May 1838

Husband: John Newton EYRE

Name: John Newton EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: Robert EYRE (1795-1863)
Mother: Elizabeth L COCKERILL (1796-1865)
Birth 1820
Death 10 Jan 1870 (age 49-50) Wapello

Wife: Elizabeth MILHOLLAND

Name: Elizabeth MILHOLLAND
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 22 Sep 1818 Ohio
Death 2 Dec 1904 (age 86) Dudley, Iowa

Child 1: J E EYRE

Name: J E EYRE
Sex: Male

Child 2: S P EYRE

Name: S P EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Wolf ( - )

Child 3: J M EYRE

Name: J M EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Wilkins ( - )

Note on Husband: John Newton EYRE - shared note

Obit of Elizabeth Mohalam b 1818 d 1904 dau of William - wife of John Eyre

Author: Laura Date: 6 Nov 2005 6:30 PM GMT

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It has came into my possession- a very old scrapbook filled with newspaper clippings on deaths, marriages and other newsy items. Some loose but most glued to the pages of an old book called

Manual of Geography. I can't be 100% sure but I'd say Hannah Ellen McClure Eyre is who made and kept this scrapbook of family History. I can place many names but some must be related to them

via her husband's line and some must be just friends or people they knew. One lady, who's obit is in there was born over 200 years ago and all the info in the book, I believe is well over 100

years old and dated before 1904. Also many many handwritten old recipes are in the book. I plan to scan the entire book and share the scans with those who would love to have the information. In

some cases, just a few, I could part with the original loose obituary or news clipping. Hannah's mother is Mary Todhunter McClure, a 1st cousin of Abner Jr.. I was so hoping an obit of my great

great great grandfather Abner Todhunter Sr (died 1871) would have been in the book. I was not so lucky. Abner Jr. died 1917, out-lived Hannah so he was lucky in that case but I still would love

to have his obit. Maybe others have old obits in scrapbooks somewhere and have not shared them? I hope to pass the book to one of Hannah's direct relatives and am not sure how it got to

California or out of her family's possession. If you copy any information or request a scan please send a note of thanks to the wonderful woman who did not trash this book of family history but

saved a genealogical treasure and passed it to me. I know she'd be tickled to hear from you. She is - Judy Ketner -

Note on Wife: Elizabeth MILHOLLAND - shared note