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Family of Cooper Taylor EYRE and Ethel WIND

Husband: Cooper Taylor EYRE (1887-1967)
Wife: Ethel WIND ( -1970)
Children: William Cooper EYRE
Phyllis Edith EYRE
Marriage 1917 Wickham, NSW, Australia

Husband: Cooper Taylor EYRE

Name: Cooper Taylor EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: Henry EYRE (1851-1906)
Mother: Annie Elizabeth MITE (1853-1929)
Birth 1887 Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Death 1967 (age 79-80) Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Wife: Ethel WIND

Name: Ethel WIND
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1970

Child 1: William Cooper EYRE

Name: William Cooper EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Rita PARKES ( - )
Spouse 2: Nora MOON ( - )

Child 2: Phyllis Edith EYRE

Name: Phyllis Edith EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick George T EYRE