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3 "Ann Eyre, Wife of Jerome Blythe, was the daughter and co-heiress, with her sister Jane, of Richard Eyre of Peniston, Grandson of Ralph Eyre of Offerton, in the Peak, Derbyshire. She was married 29th, March 1585, and is described in Norton register as a "modest, pious, and benificent matron"
The Eyres were an ancient family. Hunter's FMG, Vol. IIpp 543-551, gives their pedigree to the time of Henry IV., 1399-1413, and
mentions Stephen Eyre in 11th Edward III. 1338. "

from "Notes on the Pedigree of the Family of Blythe or Blyth of Norton and Birchet"
by Edward L. I. Blyth, C. E. 2nd Edition 1901 
EYRE, Ann (I3832)
4 "Marshall Miller" Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 21:28:50 -0800 EYRE, Hannah (I316)
5 "The Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends records, 1760-1965." Roll 24.. - Center for Archival Collections - Fifth Floor, Jerome Library - Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, Ohio 43403 GRUBB, Jemima (I564)
6 #116 For Decendants of Danniel Eyre, Australian File. EYRE, Danniel (I3734)
7 *Christophers descendants may be found in the Wylye branch of this site. EYRE, Christopher * (I3990)
8 -------------------------------------------------
One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914
Joshua Pusey Eyre (1835-39, 51-52, 55-57, 62-63, 1865 to '72), son of Jonas
and Susanna (Pusey) Eyre, was born in Chester, July 14, 1803. He was
apprenticed to the dry goods trade to Townsend Sharpless, of Philadelphia, and
when free returned to Chester, where, in 1824, he established a general store at
the southwest corner of James (Third) and Edgmont streets. Later he and his
brother, William Eyre, Jr., engaged in the lumber and coal business, at the same
time running the packet "Jonas Preston," which made tri-weekly trips between
Chester and Philadelphia, conveying passengers and freight. 
EYRE, Joshua Pusey (I386)
9 03 May 1839 For marrying out to her first cousin - Records of Chichester Meeting LARKIN, Ann (I664)
10 05-26-01 Mary Dains  Maryetta (I17)
11 09 Sep 2005 #568: Searching for information on John Wesley Cox, son of John Cox and Jane Garrett, b: 1825, d: 1916, Married in Fayette Co., OH, 1847 to Jane Ellen Eyre, b: 1831, d: 1870, son,
Robert J. Cox b: abt 1849 Highland Co., Ohio. This family living in Highland Co., Ohio per the 1850 census. Searching for the parents of Jane Ellen Eyre. I would appreciate any information that
anyone wishes to share, please email me at 
EYRE, Jane Ellen (I350)
12 1 month MOWTHORPE, Rhoda Mary (I424)
13 1 month TIPPING, Zillah (I1394)
14 1 Month EYRE, Henry (I5704)
15 1 month EYRE, Baxter (I6246)
16 1 month EYRE, Charles (I5458)
17 1 month EYRE, Florence (I5505)
18 1 month EYRE, Nellie Gertrude (I57)
19 1 month EYRE, Ruth (I6867)
20 1 month old PICKERING, Lily (I1017)
21 1 month old SILVESTER, Caroline (I1094)
22 1 month old living with his parents at one of their aunties (Anne Browne) HOSKIN, William Henry (I395)
23 1 month old. Living with his mother at her parents. COUPLAND, Charles Henry (I46)
24 1 year 9 months EYRE, Cyril Alexander (I5666)
25 1.5 years WYATT, John Henry (I997)
26 10 months TIPPING, Elizabeth Ogden (I1395)
27 10 months EYRE, Minnie (I5411)
28 10 months old EYRE, Freda (I7142)
29 10 months old BATHOLOMEW, Lucy (I7066)
30 10 Nov 1875. Administration of the effects of Francis Eyre late of Edensor in the county of Derby Omnibus Driver who died 28 August 1875 at Edensor was granted at Derby to Elizabeth Eyre of Edensor widow the relict.
Effects under ?100. 
EYRE, Francis (I2930)
31 11 August. The will with a codicil of Thomas Eyre late of Moorseats in the parish of Hathersage in the county of Derby Gentleman deceased who died 1 June 1862 at Liverpool in the county of Lancaster was proved at Derby by the oath of Sophia Eyre of Moorseats aforesaid widow the relict and one of the executors.

Effects under ?9,000 but resworn at the Stamp Office May 1865 under ?6,000.  
EYRE, Thomas (I1)
32 11 months EYRE, Charlesia Leona Jennie (I5578)
33 11 months EYRE, Charlesia Leona Jennie (I39)
34 11 months EYRE, Rachel (I107)
35 11 months old SWITHENBANK, Sarah A (I964)
36 12 days old MOWTHORPE, Kate (I1737)
37 12 Hse, Ct 5, Egerton Street EYRE, John Thomas (I19)
38 133 Bamforth Street EYRE, Edward (I35)
39 137 Cuthbert Bank Road EYRE, Herbert (I29)
40 13th Viscount Hereford DEVEREUX, George (I5212)
41 14 Bamforth Street EYRE, Arthur (I30)
42 14 months EYRE, Mary Anne (I1084)
43 14 Otley Street EYRE, John Henry (I128)
44 145 Cuthbert Bank Road EYRE, Herbert (I29)
45 14th Viscount Hereford DEVEREUX, Henry Flemin Lea (I5266)
46 15 Nov 2002 from Jim Cheetham
Charles Cheetham married Sarah Lawrence Elliott Cheetham. It was their son James Cheetham who married Philena Eyre. They lived in Chester, PA. James Cheetham was a Methodist and Philena
was run out of the meeting for marrying out of the Meeting. He fought in the Civil War. James also lost a brother (another Charles) in the Civil War.
Their son Joseph Larkin Eyre was my grandfather who married Marguerite Catherine Hughes. Their only son Joseph Larkin Eyre Cheetham, Jr. was my father.
July 28, 1865
In Philadelphia, on the 26th of April last, by Friends'
ceremony, in the presence of Mayor Henry, JAMES << CHEETHAM>> to
PHILENA W. EYRE, both of Delaware county. 
CHEETHAM, James (I106)
47 16th Regiment NEMBHARD, Thomas Hey (I5971)
48 17 Bellefield Street EYRE, John (I5)
49 17 Clun Street EYRE, Albert Edward (I22)
50 17 Sep 1891 Marriage; Coulterville, Randolph cnty, IL, Marriage License: Mary Dains Marriage license says Samuel's mother, E Rippey from TN. EYRE, Samuel (I481)

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