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1 Chap 05 New Sarum The New Sarum branch of the family covers the descendants of Thomas Eyre, eldest son of Robert Eyre MP for New Sarum in 1557. 683 263 25 
2 Chap 06 Great Chalfield  73 33 8 
3 Chap 07 Brickworth Giles Eyre was the founder of the Brickworth and Irish branches of the family. He was High Sherrif of Wiltshire in 1640. He wasa strong supporter of the Parliamentarian Party and suffered on account of his opinions. He and three of his sons were on the side of Cromwell and two of them John and Edward accompanied the Cromwellian General Ludlow to Ireland and founded the Irish branch in Eyrecourt and Eyreville. 115 45 12 
4 Chap 08 Eyrecourt When Cromwell's army turned towards Ireland to put down the Great Rebellion part of his army was a cavalry regiment which came from Wiltshire and Giles EYRE (bap.1600) was a young officer in that service. As a result of the campaign grants of estate saw the development of Eyrecourt in county Galway. This was to remain in the Eyre family until around 1894. This branch includes a high proprtion of indivuduals who are well documented for differening reasons, from being written about in books on eccentrics through to a particular concentration descended from John and Eleanor Maria Eyre whose descendants; - married the chairman of Imperial Continental Gas (now Calor Gas) who along with his brother inherited and absurdly large fortune in the 1860 estimated to be �100m. - became Field Marshall Auchinleck (head of) the UK army. - married the Managing Director of Guinness who was instrumental in the creation of the Guinness Book of Records. - married the founder of Household Financial in the USA and inheriting a controlling interest in what became HSBC before marrying a Spanish Marques and having two children. One of these children competed in the Grand National, 1956 Winter Olympics Bob Sleigh, drove for Ferrari in F1, married a showgirl and had an affair and bigamously married a supermodel fathering three children between them before filing for divorce from his first wife before dying in a motor racing accident that put an end to the Mille Miglia motor race. All this by age 28. 1,603 644 52 
5 Chap 10 North Lees  474 165 11 
6 Chap 11 Yorkshire  521 159 12 
7 Chap 12 Ashop John Eyre bap 1515, a third great grandson of William Eyre of Northlee. He and his descendants established themselves as yeoman farmers in the Hope Valley and surrounding districts. Places of note were Crookhill, Hazelhead Hall and eventually in West Yorkshire. 2,195 694 43 
8 Chap 13 Padley  146 69 15 
9 Chap 14 Rayton This branch has recently been recoverd from a mix of old gedcoms and as such is lacking in source info. Attempts have been made to confirm some relationships from census info and the IGI but should generally be treated with caution. If you spot any mistakes or have any info that can confirm or extend this branch in any way I would be grateful if you contacted me with a view to improving the branches accuracy and scope. Right onto the background: Edmund Eyre (bap1440) the ninth son of Robert Eyre and his wife Joana de Padley, Rayton came to the Eyre family by marriage of William Eyre (bap 1477), son of Edmund married an Ann heiress of the estate of Rayton near Worksop. Edmund lived at Brookfield Manor and raised his family there. William purchased the Manor of Bubnell in the 16th century. Bubnell is a hamlet on the west side of the Derwent, containing some 2400 acres, and forms a joint township with Baslow. He moved his family to Bubnell Manor. Subsequently as the family expanded a branch moved to Rayton which William had previously come his way by marriage. Rayton is an ancient hamlet of the Parish of Worksop, the property was for a considerable time been united with the Scofton estate. It formerly, however, constituted a separate domain, with its Hall and resident gentry. In the Domesday survey it appears under the designation of "Rolvetune" and "Rouuetone". Very little is known of its subsequent history for several centuries, it was mentioned in a plea 30 Edward I, it appears the owner borrowed money could not pay the land was taken into possession but was given back on settlement of the debt. The name of the property is also confusing because I have found the following spellings, Ryton, Reyton, Rayton, Rolvetune, Rouuetone and Renetone all placed at near Worksop. However Rayton appears to be the most widely accepted, Robert Eyre was Treasurer for North of the Nottinghamshire County in 1633, listed his home address as Rayton. When Thoroton wrote, and for four generations previously, Rayton was the residence and the property of this branch of the widely spreading family of Eyre. At the time of Harrison's survey, 1536, Mr Robert Eyre was the proprietor, who married Margery Coyney, of Weston Coyney, Staffordshire. A grandson Robert Eyre, who married a daughter of William Saunderson, of Blyth, and a niece of the celebrated Dr Robert Saunderson, Bishop of Lincoln, was proprietor, it was only one generation after that, the estate was sold and became united with Scofton. 758 241 8 
10 Chap 17 Hassop Stephen Eyre, bap 1443, the 10th and youngest son of Robert Eyre of Padley and Joanna nee Padley, was the forefather of the line of Eyres that would be known as the Eyres of Hassop. This family acquired considerable wealth and eminence in the county and outlasted all the other lines of the family in their position and standing in the community. The last Eyre at Hassop was Lady Dorothy Eyre who died in 1854. 349 124 5 
11 Chap 18 Holme Hall Roger Eyre bap 1428, the fourth son of Robert Eyre and his wife Joana de Padley, married Elizabeth Whittington heiress of Whittington estates. Mathew de Hathersage gave the manor of Dunston and Holme Hall, to the prior and convent of Lenton in Nottinghamshire. King Henry the VIII, granted it to Francis Leake, during the dissolution of the monasteries. Roger Eyre having married settled at Holme Hall about 1450, as leasee, probably, under the priory of Lenton. Thomas Eyre, who died in 1595, sold Holme Hall to the Leakes, already possessed of the manor under King Henry's grant mentioned above.  215 86 4 
12 Chap 19 Dunston This branch cover two small branches descended from the Holme Hall branch. Firstly that of Thomas Eyre bap 1518 a great grandson of Roger Eyre lived at Dunston and raised his family there, until the manor was possessed by the Leakes. Secondly that of John Eyre bap 1520 at Holme Hall the 2nd son of Edward Eyre and his 2nd wife Elizabeth Reresby. Joh had two marriages the first to Faith Chaworth produced only daughters whilst his second marriage to Jane Fitzherbert produced only sons. 50 20 1 
13 Chap 20 Newbold Anthony Eyre (bap. 1508) a great grandson of Roger Eyre of Holme Hall, married Elizabeth Pole of Radborn, Derbyshire. They had taken residence at Kiverton and Laughton in Yorkshire. Anthony and his first son Gervase Eyre (bap.1545) purchased the property of Newbold. The great manor of Newbold, described in the Domesday survey as having six berwicks, of which Chesterfield was one, was parcel of the ancient demesne of the crown. It afterwards belonged to the abbot and convent of Welbeck. At the time of the dissolution of the monasteries, it was parcel of the possessions of Beauchief Abbey, and it appears to have been granted to Sir William West whose son John West sold it in 1570 to Anthony and Gervase Eyre. 114 45 2 
14 Chap 21 Highfield This branch was formed by three sons of Charles Vincent Joachim Eyre, the eldest son of Charles Nathaniel Eyre and brother of John Joseph Eyre. Thomas Joseph Eyre brother of Charles Nathaniel Eyre purchased from the Landed Estates Court, Ireland in 185?, the Castle and estates of Clifden Castle, County Galway, the former property of the ancient Norman-Irish family D'Arcy. This property he conveyed by deed of gift to his nephew John Joseph Eyre, since whose death the castle has been unoccupied. written 1912). The gift by-passed seniority of inheritance of his own children and his brothers. This may have been the reason that the three sons of Charles Vincent Joachim Eyre (Fitzwilliam Henry Eyre, Francis Edward Charles Eyre and Augustine Lewis Slater Eyre) came to Australia to seek their fortune. This branch will eventually be split into two branches, (English and Australian) with certain individuals being present in both. 2,009 898 11 
15 Chap 27 Bradway The Bradway branch of the family was founded by Adam Eyre (bap.1576) son of Rowland Eyre and his wife Gertrude nee Stafford and great grandson of Steven Eyre of Hassop House. It is not known how Adam came to Bradway but possibly with the influence of the House of Hassop. The family do not appear to have stayed long at Bradway after 1650.  38 12 9 
16 Chap 28 Rampton This branch follows that of Gervase Eyre, the first son of Anthony and Ann Eyre of Newbold Manor. For Gervase's ancestors please check out the Newbold branch. Gervase and his wife Elizabeth lived at Rampton as did the next two generations. Gevase became Col Gervase Eyre, Governer of Newark Castle and fought on behalf of King Charles in the English Civil War, dying whilst defending Newark Castle. His line produced two eminent military men, Vice Admiral Sir George Eye, KCB, KCMG and General Sir William Eyre KCB (1805 -1859) as well as Edward John Eyre, explorer and Governor of Jamaica. One researcher (Dr. Didac Ettinghausen) is currently researching Mary Anne Eyre (1810-1888), the sister of the explorer Edward John Eyre and would appreciate any additional info anyone can provide.  602 222 19 
17 Chap 29 Higlow Thomas Eyre b 1454, a grandson of Robert Eyre and his wife Joana de Padley, was the founder of the Highlow branch of the family. However the property came to the Eyres by marriage, Nicholas le Eyr b1345 married the younger of the two Archer sisters heiresses of the Highlow estate. It is said that the elder sister committed suicide when Nicholas chose her sister, contrary to her expectations. Family members resided there over the years. It was not until Thomas's son Christopher Eyre b1474 that a particular branch had a continuous family line in residence. The house is built some 800 ft above sea level, it has a grand setting off a lane that runs from Hathersage to Great Hucklow, its outlook is magnificent and isolated and down in the valley runs Highlow Brook. During 1658 Robert Eyre of Highlow was High Sheriff of Derbyshire. Early in the 18th century William Eyre b1669 changed his name to Archer and married Susan Newton heiress to the Archer estates and distant relation of Sir Isaac Newton. As a result this Eyre line finished.  328 132 22 
18 Chap 30 Shatton Thomas Eyre (bap.1550) of Calow Derbyshire whose descendants became yeoman farmers in the district known as Shatton. The families spread over a wide area of Derbyshire and surrounding counties. 844 254 8 
19 My Genealogy  0 0 0 
20 Strays BED Blunham This stray branch originated in Blunham, Bedfordshire, England. Some of the family emmigrated to the USA in the 1880s. I'm trying to link this family back to its origins after finding that one couple Donald Eyre (1910-2012) and Mildred Peterson (1909-2019) were married for over 76 years. 44 19 8 
21 Strays BKS Padbury This branch is one of the original ones created by Dan back in the 1990's. 34 13 5 
22 Strays DBY Moorseats The branch is one of many for Eyres of Derbyshire and one of many that are yet to be connected to one of the main Eyre branches of the county. The Eyre family in this branch start as tenants at North Lees Hall with Thomas Eyre buying Moorseats in 1855. In 1862 Thomas Eyre died leaving an estate valued at under £9,000 and the revalued to under £6,000 in 1865. I'm not sure at present what happened after this but some legal challenge seems to have taken place between his widow and his executor meaning that one of his executors was still being asked for death duties in 1900. The branch has strong ties to Charlotte Bronte's book Jane Eyre. 36 13 9 
23 Strays DBY Tibshelf Currently charting some of the descendents of Daniel and Hannah Eyre of Tibshelf c 1780's. 116 41 6 
24 Strays HAM Crondall Brancj submitted in 2006 127 43 7 
25 Strays LIN Firsby This branch is that of Bob Eyre (maintainer of this website) and covers other names such as Hutton, Sowden, Jagger, Mowthorpe and Rowlatt. 1,830 622 81 
26 Strays LIN Gt Gonerby This branch is the original reaearch of the sites founder and researches two closely related Daniel Eyres who emigrated to Australia in the middle of the 19th century. Daniel Eyre sailed to Australia aboard the magnificent auxiliary steamship "Royal Charter". The "Royal Charter" Queen of the Australian run passenger ships, was built of iron in 1855, at Sandycroft, near Liverpool, for the Gibbs Bright & Co., of 2719 tons burden, fully rigged as a sailing ship and fitted with auxiliary horizontal engines of 200 hp nom; actuating a two bladed propeller. She spread 15,000 yards of canvas. Her mainmast from the deck was 222.5 feet and her mainyard was 101 feet. Daniel arrived on the 19th December, 1856 having left Liverpool on the 2nd October 1856, this was the second voyage of the "Royal Charter" carrying 559 persons the ship was in the charge of Master F Boyce. Daniel was listed on the passenger list as a single person, 39 years of age, occupation was given as servant, arrived as an unassisted passenger. Daniel came to Australia to make a new start, having lost his first wife and two children in Manchester, England. Daniel married Catherine Coulter at Emerald, Victoria which is now South Melbourne, on the 28th August, 1857. Catherine had arrived at the Port of Geelong, Victoria 11th August, 1854 on the sailing ship "Bride of the Sea" having left Liverpool on the 26th May, 1854. Catherine was listed as "housemaid" from Fifeshire, Scotland, aged 18 years, could read and write, to be employed by Mr. G Gouly of James Street Geelong for sum of twenty pounds for unknown period. The passenger list showed an abundance of Celtic young girls, the youngest on this trip was 14 years of age, as assisted passengers they were indentured to the sponsor for a set period of time. Danniel is spelt thus on his Christening record and I have continued to identify him so to avoid confusion with his uncle Daniel Eyre who also came to Australia in 1856 and whose pedigree is shown else where in this study. Danniel Eyre arrived in Australia aboard the Lord Raglan (a sailing ship that made many trips to Australia) on the 1st November,1860 aged 19. With his previous military experience he joined the Victorian defence force where he remained for two years. He went to the Victorian gold fields around Ballarat but had no luck. Danniel joined the mounted police as a Constable on the 11th June 1866 and was stationed in the South Western New South Wales region via Albury NSW. Danniel met Sarah Harkin and married at Jerilderie NSW in 1868 he was appointed Senior Constable on 1st March 1872. He left the force 3rd October, 1877. Danniel is the nephew of Daniel Eyre shown in the index. 462 156 8 
27 Strays LIN Willoughby This branch charts the Eyres of Willoughby in Lincolnshire from around 1800 to their move into Sculcoates, Hull. 226 64 9 
28 Strays NOR Kings Lynn This branch is of the descendents of Venn Eyre Archdeacon of Carlisle born c1712 and include Edmund John Eyre actor and playwright and his uncle (another Edmund John Eyre) who emigrated mid 19th century and started a branch of the surname over in Australia, It is believed, yet not proven that this branch is a sub branch of the Wiltshire line and is linked with the fanilies that appear in Middlesex around this period. 117 46 17 
29 Strays NTH Long Buckby This branch is a partial reconstruction of the original Northamptonshire branch of the site (for which I never received a gedcom of the research). This new version concentrates on the families of Long Buckby, of whom many were employed in the field of boot and shoe manufacture. Hopefully this branch will grow and eventually replace the original branch. 116 28 5 
30 Strays WAR Coventry This branch is one of the original ones created by Dan back in the 1990's. 75 24 8 
31 Strays YKS Fishlake  321 103 7 
32 Strays YKS Snaith Branch created/submitted by Graham Hanson in 2008 139 45 8 
33 USA Accomack This branch relates to the descendents of Thomas Chirugeon Eyre who emigrated from the United Kingdom in the early 1600's to Northampton Co. VA in the United States of America. 96 33 2 
34 USA Early Robert Eyre went to the USA as a trade merchant and finally settled. His parents have not been identified, his descendants are numerous. 1,131 342 76 
35 USA Kensington George Eyre b: 1700, of Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England, emigated to the US in 1732, settled in Burlington, NJ, and was the founder of the famous shipbuilding EYRE family of Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 177 71 11