N. Bierley reg district



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALRED, Doris Evelyn  Cal Jul 1900N. Bierley reg district I958 Strays LIN Firsby 
2 ALRED, Edith Annie  Between Apr 1891 and Jun 1891N. Bierley reg district I956 Strays LIN Firsby 
3 ALRED, Ida Lillian  Between Jul 1897 and Sep 1897N. Bierley reg district I957 Strays LIN Firsby 
4 KNAPTON, Granville  28 Jan 1903N. Bierley reg district I992 Strays LIN Firsby 
5 KNAPTON, Thomas  Between Jul 1897 and Sep 1897N. Bierley reg district I991 Strays LIN Firsby 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 HUTTON, Daniel  11 Jan 1912N. Bierley reg district I202 Strays LIN Firsby 
2 HUTTON, Edmund  6 Mar 1898N. Bierley reg district I207 Strays LIN Firsby 
3 KNAPTON, Thomas  Between Oct 1901 and Dec 1901N. Bierley reg district I991 Strays LIN Firsby 
4 SOWDEN, Seba  Between Jul 1934 and Sep 1934N. Bierley reg district I654 Strays LIN Firsby 
5 SPENCER, Sarah Emma  26 Aug 1904N. Bierley reg district I529 Strays LIN Firsby 
6 SWITHENBANK, Lepton  Between Oct 1911 and Dec 1911N. Bierley reg district I966 Strays LIN Firsby 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 GOY / NAYLOR  Between Oct 1936 and Dec 1936N. Bierley reg district F300 Strays LIN Firsby 
2 GOY / SOWDEN  Between Jul 1901 and Sep 1901N. Bierley reg district F280 Strays LIN Firsby 
3 GREAVES / SWITHENBANK  Between Oct 1908 and Dec 1908N. Bierley reg district F296 Strays LIN Firsby 
4 GRIMSHAW / HUTTON  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909N. Bierley reg district F293 Strays LIN Firsby 
5 HUTTON / ROBERTS  Between Apr 1902 and Jun 1902N. Bierley reg district F235 Strays LIN Firsby 
6 MOSS / GOY  Between Jan 1937 and Mar 1937N. Bierley reg district F281 Strays LIN Firsby 
7 MOWTHORPE / BARRAN  Between Oct 1936 and Dec 1936N. Bierley reg district F283 Strays LIN Firsby