Sculcoates reg district



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 EYRE, John Willliam  2 Jan 1905Sculcoates reg district I1804 Strays LIN Firsby 
2 MCHUGH, Marjorie Eyre  4 May 1908Sculcoates reg district I1502 Strays LIN Firsby 
3 MOWTHORPE, George Frederick  16 Aug 1911Sculcoates reg district I851 Strays LIN Firsby 
4 MOWTHORPE, John L  17 Aug 1920Sculcoates reg district I1512 Strays LIN Firsby 
5 MOWTHORPE, Margaret E  10 Apr 1913Sculcoates reg district I1738 Strays LIN Firsby 
6 MOWTHORPE, Stephen  21 Dec 1916Sculcoates reg district I441 Strays LIN Firsby 
7 MOWTHORPE, Thomas Percival  13 Jul 1898Sculcoates reg district I614 Strays LIN Firsby 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 HEWBRIDGE, Mary  Between Apr 1893 and Jun 1893Sculcoates reg district I157 Strays LIN Firsby 
2 JACKSON?, Mary  Est Sep 1883Sculcoates reg district I244 Strays LIN Firsby 
3 MASSER, Agnes  Between Apr 1921 and Jun 1921Sculcoates reg district I6 Strays LIN Firsby 
4 MOWTHORPE, Margaret E  Between Oct 1913 and Dec 1913Sculcoates reg district I1738 Strays LIN Firsby 
5 MOWTHORPE, Robert  Between Oct 1891 and Dec 1891Sculcoates reg district I431 Strays LIN Firsby 
6 MOWTHORPE, Thomas  Est Jan 1884Sculcoates reg district I443 Strays LIN Firsby 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CHAPMAN / MOWTHORPE  Between Jul 1926 and Sep 1926Sculcoates reg district F319 Strays LIN Firsby 
2 CHESTERFIELD? / MOWTHORPE  Between Jul 1922 and Sep 1922Sculcoates reg district F585 Strays LIN Firsby 
3 MOWTHORPE / CHEESEMAN  Between Jan 1936 and Mar 1936Sculcoates reg district F244 Strays LIN Firsby 
4 MOWTHORPE / FLETCHER  Between Jul 1917 and Sep 1917Sculcoates reg district F460 Strays LIN Firsby 
5 MOWTHORPE / MORLEY  Between Jul 1936 and Sep 1936Sculcoates reg district F86 Strays LIN Firsby 
6 MOWTHORPE / MUSSETT  Between Jan 1925 and Mar 1925Sculcoates reg district F425 Strays LIN Firsby 
7 MOWTHORPE / PETTMAN  Between Oct 1923 and Dec 1923Sculcoates reg district F328 Strays LIN Firsby 
8 UNKNOWN / MOWTHORPE  Between Jan 1894 and Mar 1894Sculcoates reg district F246 Strays LIN Firsby 
9 WYMARK / MOWTHORPE  Between Jul 1927 and Sep 1927Sculcoates reg district F350 Strays LIN Firsby