Tree: Chap 14 Rayton

Tree Name  Chap 14 Rayton 
Description  This branch has recently been recoverd from a mix of old gedcoms and as such is lacking in source info. Attempts have been made to confirm some relationships from census info and the IGI but should generally be treated with caution. If you spot any mistakes or have any info that can confirm or extend this branch in any way I would be grateful if you contacted me with a view to improving the branches accuracy and scope. Right onto the background: Edmund Eyre (bap1440) the ninth son of Robert Eyre and his wife Joana de Padley, Rayton came to the Eyre family by marriage of William Eyre (bap 1477), son of Edmund married an Ann heiress of the estate of Rayton near Worksop. Edmund lived at Brookfield Manor and raised his family there. William purchased the Manor of Bubnell in the 16th century. Bubnell is a hamlet on the west side of the Derwent, containing some 2400 acres, and forms a joint township with Baslow. He moved his family to Bubnell Manor. Subsequently as the family expanded a branch moved to Rayton which William had previously come his way by marriage. Rayton is an ancient hamlet of the Parish of Worksop, the property was for a considerable time been united with the Scofton estate. It formerly, however, constituted a separate domain, with its Hall and resident gentry. In the Domesday survey it appears under the designation of "Rolvetune" and "Rouuetone". Very little is known of its subsequent history for several centuries, it was mentioned in a plea 30 Edward I, it appears the owner borrowed money could not pay the land was taken into possession but was given back on settlement of the debt. The name of the property is also confusing because I have found the following spellings, Ryton, Reyton, Rayton, Rolvetune, Rouuetone and Renetone all placed at near Worksop. However Rayton appears to be the most widely accepted, Robert Eyre was Treasurer for North of the Nottinghamshire County in 1633, listed his home address as Rayton. When Thoroton wrote, and for four generations previously, Rayton was the residence and the property of this branch of the widely spreading family of Eyre. At the time of Harrison's survey, 1536, Mr Robert Eyre was the proprietor, who married Margery Coyney, of Weston Coyney, Staffordshire. A grandson Robert Eyre, who married a daughter of William Saunderson, of Blyth, and a niece of the celebrated Dr Robert Saunderson, Bishop of Lincoln, was proprietor, it was only one generation after that, the estate was sold and became united with Scofton. 
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