Tree: Chap 29 Higlow

Tree Name  Chap 29 Higlow 
Description  Thomas Eyre b 1454, a grandson of Robert Eyre and his wife Joana de Padley, was the founder of the Highlow branch of the family. However the property came to the Eyres by marriage, Nicholas le Eyr b1345 married the younger of the two Archer sisters heiresses of the Highlow estate. It is said that the elder sister committed suicide when Nicholas chose her sister, contrary to her expectations. Family members resided there over the years. It was not until Thomas's son Christopher Eyre b1474 that a particular branch had a continuous family line in residence. The house is built some 800 ft above sea level, it has a grand setting off a lane that runs from Hathersage to Great Hucklow, its outlook is magnificent and isolated and down in the valley runs Highlow Brook. During 1658 Robert Eyre of Highlow was High Sheriff of Derbyshire. Early in the 18th century William Eyre b1669 changed his name to Archer and married Susan Newton heiress to the Archer estates and distant relation of Sir Isaac Newton. As a result this Eyre line finished.  
Individuals  328 
Families  132 
Sources  22 

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